The Comas - A Def Needle In Tomorrow (2000)

I think this is The Comas' first album, and what a great album it is. As much as I enjoy this album I don't have a lot to say about it, so I'm just going to post the biography from

"The Comas are a New York-based rock band originally formed by Andy Herod and Nicole Gehweiler in 1998 in Chapel Hill, NC. Currently comprised of Herod, Gehweiler (guitars, vox), Matt Sumrow (piano, organ, vox), Jason Caperton (bass) and Nic Gonzales (drums), the band has developed its most dynamic and compelling sound to date, and in the last few years have shared the stage with such acts as The Breeders, Sparklehorse, Mando Diao, Dashboard Confessional, and Vietnam. The Comas’ unique brand of psychedelic garage pop has been highly regarded by critics and fans most notably for their sci-fi love songs intermixed with floating synths and guitar fuzz as found on 2004’s extremely well received Conductor."

I hope you guys enjoy it. I think you will.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This had some nice songs I give it a B

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