Teengirl Fantasy - CD-R (2009)

This is another late post, but still worth being posted for the large amount of you who missed it. Teengirl Fantasy is an electronic music group that plays a strange blend of techno, IDM, and samples from certain popular songs like "Throw Some D's on That" and "Is You Rollin'?" It's pretty accessible stuff. It's not exactly dance music, but it isn't exactly easy-listening either. It's rather enjoyable I think. You should check it out.

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  1. psw says:

    Goddamn. Now that's something.

  2. Pretty good. Don't know if you are aware of that but in Gasmakk they use a sample from a french song called Banana Split by Lio http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bsqLi9LfiwM&feature=related obviously it's 80S and implicitely sexual haha

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