Holy Fuck - Latin (2010)

Somehow I've never listened to this band before. Some fun summertime electronic music.
"Latin America" and "SHT MTN" are the stand out tracks for me so far.



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  1. jc says:

    is this v0? saw this earlier on what but kind of don't want to fuck with my ratio for a while

  2. ribs says:

    nah sorry-it's VBR. I didnt check before I uploaded it.

  3. AZ says:

    These guys are great!! even better than buttered toast;)

  4. Bender says:

    i'll check it the fuck out

  5. Bender says:

    i like it, i fucking love you

  6. dugg says:

    hmmmm... really liked this band in their early days, but haven't heard them for a while- thanks much for the chance to check it out!
    all the best,

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