We Are The World - Clay Stones (2010)

Time for a change of pace for me. We Are The World is techno. I don't normally listen to techno, but this group straddles the fence. Very funked up stuff. Female vocals for most of the songs. Definitely energetic. Check it out.

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  1. dtbucher says:

    Who the fuck hijacked this blog and threw up all over it? Goddamn, please clean this shit up!

  2. dtbutcher: jc, the person who is in charge of this blog

    Nick: coming right up!

  3. lady gaga posted it on her twitter haha

  4. griebs says:

    yeah we been digging this for a week or so. thanks to y'alls love of the weezy. way better than that A.M. thing posted just recently. i think.

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