Дельфин - Звезда (2004)

similar artists: i seriously can't think of any.

dolphin (aka Дельфин, Del'fin) was once part of Мальчишник, a successful russian hip-hop trio. after leaving the group in 1996, he started his solo career experimenting with electronics and clean vocals leaving the rapping behind, and with his 2004 album zvezda (Звезда, star) he defines his new style and delivers a beautiful album with a nostalgic sound to it.


note: tagged as del'fin with song titles written in roman alphabet characters for better understanding. still, last.fm scrobbles as Дельфин, which takes you to the correct artist page.

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  1. Roberto says:
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  2. Roberto says:

    nice one, heard this like a year ago and couldn't find it since then...

    great job =)

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