Slouch - Viva (2006)

Slouch is another trip-hop artist who has slipped under the radar while artists that are not as good get plenty of attention. This album is definitely a diamond in the rough. I have pretty high standards for trip-hop, and Slouch meets/exceeds these standards. Very recommended for fans of trip-hop.

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  1. jc says:

    nice cover.

    i'll be getting this too in a couple of weeks when im done listening to all the shit i have.

  2. Moshi says:

    Moar trip-hop would be appreciated.

  3. Aldrenean says:

    This is tasty.

    *Also, my captcha is "hamipult." That's awesome!

  4. Moshi says:

    After giving this album a few listenings I can conclude that it is awesome.

  5. Great album! I always appreciate good trip hop.

  6. Buhrandon says:

    This is probably one of the best albums of trip hop I've ever heard, death of a jester is my favorite track on here

  7. nice. some good underrated shit^^ only 840 listeners on

  8. CSRexec says:

    I'm proud to have had this on my ipod for the last 3 years!! great post ;)

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