Dr. Robutnik - For Those Who Left The Ground (2009)

hypnotizing beats resembling Ras G's style, crazy sounds and some eerie movie samples from god knows what movie. the opening song is a killer. recommended for anyone into instrumental music in the smallest way.

PS: 5 out of 5 doctors recommend smoking some dank before listening to this on a chilly night

aw yeah

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  1. very very incredibly interested. Downloading now.

  2. Brandon says:

    holy fuck this is good.

  3. Phil says:

    I'm downloading this one right now, I may listen to the doctors' advice tonight.

  4. LLCoolJ says:

    I've re-upped this little know gem. Really important tape for me. https://mega.nz/#!uEtCmKIZ!F4dh9R3SKrGyuBzQBH5Nw0zHcjX7i35GlrNik0Ci8hM

  5. Eddy says:

    @LLCoolJ you are a hero, sir!

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