Pictureplane - Dark Rift (2009)

i remember listening to a pictureplane album last year and not liking it too much. shit was too noisy and not the kind of noise i enjoy, it was shit pop mixed with harsh noise. not cool. then a couple of weeks ago a friend linked me to a youtube mp3vid of a song called goth star and shit kinda rocked, liked it enough to get the full album and give this guy another chance. i'm kind of glad i did. dark rift is kind of 90s techno for the pitchfork generation. the influence from acts like real mccoy, the prodigy, 808 state, haddaway and prob some hacienda-era house in this album cannot be denied. at the same time the album feels and sounds current, like i could make a playlist with this and telepathe, holy fuck, gang gang dance, health, etc. pretty cool album.

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  1. Tropolist says:

    Eh I preferred the earlier albums.

  2. Moshi says:

    Slit Red Bird Throat is one of my absolute favourite albums, so I'll definately have to check this out.

  3. Moshi says:

    Really enjoying this, but missing the insane glitchy-noisyness of slit red bird throat.

  4. Phil says:

    Well I like Gang Gang Dance, Health, and Holy Fuck so I'll be getting this one. Thanks!

  5. Jah says:

    I liked slit red bird throat better

  6. this album is pictureplane's best. it's the strangest mixture of french-house throwback and lo-fi glitch. the album art sucks though.

  7. I often dowlnload based on if I like the band name or cd title, this one I like. I agree with you about how lame it is people not leaving comments, but hey most people are hopeless, so dont expect blood from a stone. I like your site, just found it! Thanks and I'll check it out again. Resplandor, liked the name, and hey prestoo! Now one of my favourites! Cresh

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