Nisennenmondai - Rokuon (2006)

When I first posted a Nisennenmondai album several months ago, the band were virtually nonexistent. A few diehard fans on /mu/, an appearance in some movie, and the band's baffling and uninformative website. I don't know what happened when my back was turned, but the band seemed to have exploded internationally (okay, so they have two thousand fans instead of two hundred). The old stuff is getting redistributed and some critical attention, and Allmusic has actually deigned to mention the band.

Rokuon (which means "Six Girls" among other things, or could be a hiragana transliteration of the English "Rock On") is considerably noisier than Destination Tokyo, and much more reflective of the band's origins as a part of the Japanoise circuit that launched Hanatarash and Melt-Banana. In amongst the abrasive bursts of noise are some longer pieces, including an early version of Souzousure Neji from Destination Tokyo. In the rush to rerelease the Nisennenmondai back catalogue, I can see why this album was essentially skipped over. However, it definitely has its charms and is worth a listen for any noise rock lover.

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  1. jc says:

    i almost download this but i already have it loololol

  2. Tropolist says:

    Yes, laugh out out loud out laugh out loud indeed.

  3. macron1 says:

    awesome, thanks for upping this. i have much trouble satisfying my Nisennenmondai hunger.

  4. DeeKay says:

    JUST the other day I was thinking "I must get one of their albums" I come on here after being away and there they are. This must be fate!

  5. Good stuff, it would be awesome if you got more stuff like this.

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