Cocteau Twins - Treasure (1984)

There are two types of people in this world. Those who have not listened to this album, and those who love this album with all their heart & soul. I'm most definitely the ladder. This album, in my opinion, is the best musical representation of dreams. Every track feels like a different dream. What adds to the dreaminess is that the lyrics often consist of nothing but made up words and nonsensical strings of real words. I can't stress enough how fucking awesome this CD is. You are doing yourself an injustice if you don't get this album.

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  1. funks says:

    commenting because i like this album

  2. If you like Treasure that much, then I guess you REALLY love Blue Bell Knoll.

    Since it's better and all.

    Only half kidding (I would argue that BBK is better, and so is HoLV but this ain't my blog), but thanks for sharing a great album in a great band's discography.

  3. I don't like Blue Bell Knoll as much. It's still enjoyable though.

  4. Poguish says:

    fuckin' Cocteau Twins men! how can it get any more awesome than this!?!?

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