Patton Oswalt - My Weakness is Strong (2009)

this isn't music but i'm posting anyways because patton oswalt is awesome. my weakness is strong is the follow up to 2007's werewolves and lollipops, one of my favorite stand-up albums ever, and it's almost as good as it's predecessor. almost. which is still pretty fucking good considering the "bad" part of this album is only "bad" (using the word loosely here) because track 12, a bit on time travel, is sooo damn funny it makes the rest of the album not as hilarious even if it's still good. great album to chillax and laugh.

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  1. Yunus says:

    can you post some impressionist art too? how bout summa dat monet

  2. jc says:

    sure when monet releases an album

  3. one of the funniest dudes around.

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