Philip Glass - Dracula OST (Performed by The Kronos Quartet) (1999)

some broski from the group requested this, enjoy the spooky strings

gimme some of dat blood, girl

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  1. Twitch?! says:

    Digging it so far, but track 23 claims to be corrupt. I redownloaded it twice.

  2. Tropolist says:

    "Philip Glass"
    fuckshit I love this already

  3. brdn says:

    YES THANK YOU. Track 23 is corrupt but I don't care this is great.

  4. Moshi says:

    Recommending The Fountain OST if you enjoy this.

  5. Aldrenean says:

    Excellent call Moshi. Clint Mansell's finest.

  6. [tlr] says:

    enjoying thiz.


  7. jawstone says:

    this ought to be creepy fun! can't wait to hear this.

  8. Mono 555 says:


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