Calexico - Carried to Dust (2008)

calexico is a band from tucson, arizona mislabeled by pretty much everyone ever as an "indie-rock" band. their music is more of a folk influenced alt-country-ish rock kind of thing one would expect to listen in a robert rodriguez film. think of chingon (kill bill) and los lobos (from dusk till dawn), that's kind of the mood but not exactly the music. it's a pretty awesome band. anyways, this is their latest album released last year. opening track, "victor jara's hands" is one kick-ass song.


PS. what do you think of the blog's new image? kawaii?

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  1. liking the new header, not sure about the white background

  2. Tropolist says:

    Everything is awesome except the background color. Especially with the font color (which I love), a dark background would work great.

  3. Aldrenean says:

    Yeah, I'm gonna have to go with a darker background. Though keep the contrast up, it was really hard to read the tags and stuff on the last color scheme.

  4. Paul says:

    I love the white background, just my two cents though.

  5. tokyo sex says:

    yeah, i love it too. it's just a change, we need to get used to... ¬¬ besides, a darker background just don't match pfff

  6. Aldrenean says:

    I'm fine with a light background, but white is a bit boring IMO. However, more importantly, can we get either underlines or a different font color for links? You like to link bits of sentences so it's easy to miss multiple links.

  7. jc says:

    white background wad the only that really worked with the new header. grey or green looked like geocities website. and i am thinking about the links thing

  8. Aldrenean says:

    What about a side-to-side gradient from dark green to white, such that all text is on white and the green is just a sidebar thing? I mocked up a quick concept in GIMP:

  9. Charles says:

    Its all good, but did you consider a cream color for the BG? The horizontal fade is a pretty cool idea too. Maybe if it faded in from both sides instead of just one and if the green was a bit softer, say a creamy green. Creamy green fading to a cream background? Plain Cream would be cool too.

  10. jc says:

    k let me see what i can do

  11. Weston says:

    Ditto what Charles said ^

  12. Weston says:

    Also, very good album btw. I will have to get all of this band's work!

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