Vortech - Posthumanism (2009)

get it if you like: anaal nathrakh, anorexia nervosa, genghis tron.

i got this randomly from waffles' metal week (which totally sucked and was fucking stupid btw) and it turned to be one of the best metal records i've listened to in a while, fast brutal metal somewhere between death and black (not blackened death though) with trancy synthlines and haunting atmospheres, some industrial influences a la anaal nathrakh, and deep growls. don't be a pussy and get it.


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  1. So if I get it I'm a pussy. No one's going to get it with you saying that jc.

  2. >dont be a pussy and get it

    The way you didn't put a comma in makes it look like you're saying you're a pussy if you get it.

    It's pretty good though.

  3. Moshi says:

    I'd say you're a pussy i you get all offended over petty shit like that.

  4. I'd say you're probably really fucking hardxcore.

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