Hollowblue - Stars are Crashing (In My Backyard) (2008)

get it if you like: nick cave and the bad seeds.

another band that sent me their album to post on the blog, hollowblue are from italy and this is their second album, stars are crashing (in my backyard). they sound a bit like UNKLE and ian brown and a lot like nick cave and the bad seeds to me, not that it's a bad thing, they're actually pretty good. get this album since they are giving it away for free and it's good. here are the links they sent me:

download album
download artwork
youtube channel

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  1. DeeKay says:

    Shown this to me when I was 16 and I would of been all over it.

    Now? Meh.

  2. download hollowblue Wild nights, quiet dreams aCupintheGarden, November 2009 ????

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