Brenda Hutchinson & Clive Smith - Liquid Sky (1983)

Remember way back when I uploaded that Soundtrack and said it was part of a set? Well yeah, I did mean it, I just forgot for a long time. I'm sure you didn't notice.

Liquid Sky was unconventional in many ways, but the soundtrack stood out even against the film's bizarre plot and decor. Composed using the Fairlight CMI, the first digital sampler / synthesizer, the soundtrack is a mix of reinterpretations of Classical themes à la Wendy Carlos, and completely dissonant, alien-sounding ambient pieces. Oh, and a few march themes. The soundtrack has been name-dropped by a lot of electonic artists as a major influence. Listen to Fashion Show and Me And My Rhythm Box especially if you want to know where like 70% of modern electronic music got its indirect inspiration.


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