Director - I'll Wait for Sound (2009)

get it if you like: maximo park, secret machines, grandaddy.

again i know nothing about this band, from their bio i can tell you they're irish. from the video for their single play pretend they seem kind of geeky and like into retro shit (watch here) and uhmm, they are a nice band, i liked this album (it's their second) quite a bit and i'm not into this kind of bands so that should encourage you to get it i guess.


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  1. Vincent says:

    They are a great band, though your file isn't working, and it said a message has been sent to mediafire, you might wana delete and repost before the heavies come in a ruin it all.

  2. jc says:

    works fine for me bro

  3. Milenka says:

    I really liked it.
    They sound like a less dark version of Interpol and White Lies

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