Church of Misery - Houses of the Unholy (2009)

It appears that I'm a bit late to the party, seeing as how the internet has been up in a tizzy about this album for quite some time. After having heard nothing but good things about "Houses of the Unholy," I decided to give it a shot. Color me impressed. On this album, at least, Church of Misery sounds like a bluesier, doomier Boris with throaty, shouted vocals and lyrics about serial killers. The sampled news reports/interviews are downright chilling at times, but the music has a sickening groove to it that makes those murderers seem like they'd be cool people to jam with.

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  1. I loved Master of Brutality, but I'm not a great fan of The Second Coming. Is this back to the awesomeness of Master...?

  2. Alex says:

    This is my first experience with the band, so I wouldn't know. I'll be sure to check out those other albums

  3. Definitely get Master of Brutality. It's pretty much perfect.

  4. Spaniard says:

    word. Master of Brutality kills.
    This is very good too though

  5. Aldrenean says:

    This is some groovy shit.

  6. Aldrenean says:

    And a second on Master of Brutality, I just got it and you'll definitely love it if you like this. Thanks for the tip Nycto.

  7. DeeKay says:

    This will do nicely for my train journey tomorrow, thanks!

  8. Jarrod says:

    am i alone in thinking the singer sounds just like Clutch?

  9. Josh says:

    great cover art, pity about the content

  10. Tropolist says:

    Oh burn you got told

  11. DeeKay says:

    It's labelled as stoner Doom seriously, what else were you expecting?

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