He Can Jog - Middlemarch (2008)

He Can Jog is Erik Schoster. Erik has, for the last five years, set his trombone and staff paper aside for clicks of the trackpad, scrapes on metal, and twists of knobs. He alternates his time between carving beats for the milwaukee trio cedar a.v., pulling drones as he can jog, and collaborating with laptop-guitarist bryan teoh.

get this album if you like IDM blaaaargh

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  1. Moshi says:

    Wow, this is freaking awesome

  2. erik says:

    Also, if you like Middlemarch, I have a free release up on Distance Recordings as well that you might like: http://www.distancerecordings.com/dist010.php

    If you feel like showing support, too, you should throw some bucks at Audiobulb Records - David poured his monies into making Middlemarch happen, I know he'd appreciate it.

  3. Anonymous says:

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