Kontakte - Soundtracks to Lost Road Movies (2008)

This mix of different instrumental styles, with electronic elements, and moments of both shoegaze and harder rock, creates a melodic and very dynamic result. Includes some good remixes.

Highly recommended.

Vaguely similar artists: Epic45 , Lights Out Asia , The American Dollar

Get it here.

Ari Thanos - The Grace of Fashion is Dead (2004)

I'm convinced that there is not a picture of this album cover on the internet, so here's a photo of the band's legs.

Ari Thanos is an alternative rock band from Flint, Michigan. Their music is very lighthearted generally, though at times it can be bursting with strong emotions. They have a very defined sound, which is really hard to find amongst the billion other "indie rock" bands. This particular album is only 6 tracks long, but it makes up for it with a high substance density. If I were you I'd get it. And then I'd comment on this post. But that's just me.

(Loosely) Similar Artists: Okay, Dr. Dog, Parts & Labor

Download & Comment

Good Old War - Only Way to Be Alone (2008)

Upbeat, optimistic, mostly acoustic rock. Played on Anthony Green's solo album Avalon, and he sings a bit on "Weak Man" on this record. Tags taken from last.fm.

Vaguely sounds like: The Dodos , Band of Horses , the more subdued, sentimental moments of The Shins

Get it here.
Recommended tracks: "Coney Island" , "Maybe Mine" , "We've Come a Long Way"

If Lucy Fell - You Make Me Nervous (2005)


The Portuguese answer to chaotic hardcore acts like Converge and The Blood Brothers is If Lucy Fell. Their music is carefully constructed chaotic hardcore, yet it is easily digestible. If Lucy Fell is a relative new band, they formed back in January of 2004. Their debut release was a five track long demo which saw the daylight in August of 2004. With tons of shows and a deal with an indie label called Rastilho Records, the band moved on to record their debut album "You Make Me Nervous". The album will be released worldwide through a British label called Lockjaw Records on September 4th.

The Natural Yogurt Band - Away With Meloncholy(sic) (2008)

Every few years something comes along that is SO good it gets played in their office over and over and over and over again and captivates them completely, and the Natural Yogurt Band is one of those somethings. The demo album they sent was accompanied by no credentials. There was no promo sheet bragging about the famous DJs who are fronting them, no long CV stating who plays what and who used to play with whoever; no info, no blurb and no gumph. In other words they just sent Jazzman a plain CDR, which is nice, because it’s music that counts, right? So what is it about their demo that they find so intriguing? Well, for starters you can hear real people playing real instruments, which always goes down well at Jazzman. Then there are the original ideas, played out as quirky, innocent instrumentals, and their flawless execution lacks pretense and self-consciousness. You also get the feeling that they are having FUN making their music. And it comes naturally, they’re not trying too hard. Finally when you note their taste and musical style - Italian gangster films, leftfield electronics, Morricone, Alessandroni & Nicolai all rolled into one - you realise that they’ve been listening to the right stuff and making their own auditory visualization of what’s good. Oddball, left field, funky; yet unpretentious and effortless!

Yeah it is pretty sweet.

Joseph Nothing - Shambhala Number One (2007)

Joseph Nothing is an electronic artist with a penchant for whimsical sounds. Coupled with great electronic percussion, his childlike melodies soar with an orchestral quality on this album.

Similar artists: World's End Girlfriend , Child's View

Get it here.

Thanks for mentioning him, Menschenfeindlich.

Minotaur Shock - Chiff-Chaffs & Willow Warblers (2001)

The debut of Minotaur Shock. Multi-influenced electronic with very nice beats and sounds; some chilled out songs. Recommended.

Vaguely similar artists: Xploding Plastix, Xela , ISAN

It's here.
Recommended tracks: "Local Violin Shop" , "First to Back Down"

Dextro - Consequence Music (2006)

I hope you've all had a great thanksgiving, I know I have. I love pumpkin pie. Anyway, here's a cool electronic album that I've recently procured. Dextro is an IDM act- but he also uses ambient sounds, breakbeats, and various other instruments to create something that could be described as a potpourri of electronic sound. Interesting stuff. Worth checking out.

Similar Artists: Slag Boom Van Loon, Deep Space Network, Novel 23

Download & Comment

AFI - Sing The Sorrow (2003)

AFI - Sing The Sorrow (2003)

In honor of our 50,000th view, I'm going out on a limb and posting my favorite album growing up. I was 13. Teen angst-y motherfucker, I was. Staying up into the wee hours of the night, blasting this album, drinking pepsi like nobody's business, and playing Phantasy Star Online until I couldn't keep my eyes open. Flame away. I have no dignity.

PS. Happy Turkey Day

Trist - Zrcadlení melancholie (2007)

Trist is a one man band from the Czech Republic. He plays doom influenced Depressive Black Metal. This is his 3rd full length, only consisting of two songs. Repetition plays a key role here, allowing the basic structure of each song to be slowly built upon as it progresses. Great riffs, coupled by a solid atmosphere, and of course depressive/suicidal lyrical content. Though you would not understand what he's saying even if you spoke Czech... Anyways, if you like dark music here it is.


Sculptured - Embodiment (2008)

Known most recently for his work with the band Agalloch, guitarist and songwriter Don Anderson’s most personal musical expression remains Sculptured. Beginning in 1996 Sculptured released the three-song demo Fulfillment in Tragedy, followed by their debut The Spear of the Lily is Aureoled in 1998 (The End Records.) On their sophomore release, Apollo Ends (The End Records) the band stripped down their sound and took a more harmonically complex approach to songwriting. This album included a revamped line-up with John Haughm (drums, Agalloch) and Jason Walton (bass, Agalloch, Especially Likely Sloth, Nothing).

Now, I'm not much for metal (especially not progressive metal), but this shit is awesome. There is not a single song on this album that I can say I do not like. Very melodic and hypnotizing. This is my favorite album at the moment. You should definitely download it.

Similar Artists: Subterranean Masquerade, In the Woods..., Pan.Thy.Monium

Download & Comment

Daisuke Nagata - Spring Rain (Karous OST)

The Sega Dreamcast is arguably the best videogame console of all time. Even after the early death of the console in 2001, commercial game makers released games for the system that also ran on NAOMI arcade systems. Karous (japanese for Crow) was the last commercial game for the dreamcast, published by Milestone. Here's the kickass soundtrack. Good electronica/drum n' bass sound. Enjoy, nerds!

IAMERROR - Trout Yogurt (2008)

subsection- the sterios playing your relaxing in your bed. The lyrics are flowing in one ear and out the other "I’m no landmaster; take to the skies, I’m no landmaster.." siliently you contemplate what they are saying and the meaning, after all thats what good music does it strikes you and makes you think....

IAMERROR- Trout Yogurt is a technotic ( if thats even a real word) blend of hard core scream and well as already stated high speed techno, like in the song Snap Krako Pop. Its something for all those so called "cocky little freaks" to flock together and slam dance to. The rhythm and polor opposite mix of the music gives it that electrofying urge that most music such as My Chemical Romance could never achieve in a life time (someone please tell them to get a real job and quit their whole fake stage personality. We know its just a persona your payed to do but come on gain some dignity) IAMERROR is full of terrifying lyrics mixed with a more upbeat sound. Occasionally in their music their are slight bits where the song slows and the techno along with the hardcore either haven't started or fade to the back almost as if a true human being. Tough exterior soft interior, like in the song Jefferee Star Road where the beginning is a few seconds of slow easing music befor it jumps into the more complex part of the song. Overall the 2008 Trout Yougrt is an electrifying and as I've already said a blend of technotic (my new word) hard core with the slightest softness.

So lay in your bed gather your thoughts and find what strikes you about their music then get off your ass and tell someone about it.

Puxel did not do this his lame girlfriend did which is why it sucks lol sorry i wont do it again if its that bad lol. Oh and tid bit advice don't use aim lingo like brb, lol or jk outside of the computer that's a no no

P.S i suck at writing things but i tried really hard, oh and i never learned much for grammar so yeah lol if it sucks just say you this sucks ass get it off of here hahaha

God is an Astronaut - God is an Astronaut (2008)

get if you like: awesome music.

god is an astronaut's latest album is as amazing as every single release from this band before it. truly inspiring music, one of the greatest post-rock bands out there, and my personal favorite. if you've been avoiding this band, download this so you can feel stupid for doing so.

download part 1
download part 2

edit: to extract all files you must download both parts and unrar the first one, i noticed part 1's been downloaded a lot more than part 2.

Kanye West - 808s & Heartbreak (2008)

get it if you like: lupe fiasco, lil wayne, justin timberlake.

808s & heartbreak is a change of style for kanye west, a departure from his previous albums and well-known production style. i was expecting another graduation (kanye's previous record) and was surprised by this change of style, which felt right for someone so egocentrical and narcissistic as kanye, the album is really different from the current mainstream sound, yet appealing and surely destined to be a commercial success. i love this kind of record, mainstream ready and with enough artistic value.


Linda Martini - Marsupial (2008)

get it if you like: god is an astronaut, té, mogwai.

linda martini is a portuguese post-rock band, and a very good one. right now i can vaguely remember i liked it a lot, that there were 3 guitar players and some chick. you're gonna love it if you're into god is an astronaut, which i think is one of the best post-rock bands out there. also, linda martini feautres vocals in some tracks, and they do it right, if you're into this kind of bands you know vocals in post-rock = win.


The Dillinger Escape Plan - Miss Machine (2004)

Five years later, the band have resurfaced with their long (and do I mean long) awaited new album, Miss Machine, and not only does the Dillinger Escape Plan prove that Calculating Infinity was no fluke, but more importantly, they add that much-needed, intangible quality that connects the listener to the music more easily, and in the process, brashly reaffirm their status as the foremost creators of heavy music in America today. When a band like the Dillinger Escape Plan is able to duplicate the intensity of the previous album, yet at the same time create music that actually possesses (gasp!) commercial appeal, daring to cause an uproar among dyed-in-the-wool hardcore fans, you know they're on to something memorable.
just a short way of saying I highly recommend this

We Be The Echo - Stanislaw Stories (2006)

We Be The Echo is a progressive instrumental rock band from San Francisco. They play a unique blend of math rock, punk, jazz and heavy metal with dub influenced bass lines. The band’s trademark sound is based on melodic and rhythmically challenging short songs that often incorporate shred guitar. Formed in 2003 from the remnants of the Bay Area experimental band The Bm Relocation Program, We Be The Echo are currently active and tour regularly.

Sorry I couldn't find an album cover over 200x200, so I used a cropped press pic. Thanks for commenting on the last two albums I uploaded. I'd love to see more activity in this place from everyone on the team. I love you guys!
tiny p.s. I'm changing my name back to 'Puxel'

Njiqahdda - Ints | Nji | Verfatu (2008)

Njiqahdda are a Psychedelic Ambient Black Metal duo that immediately caught my attention with their unusual band name and album/song titles. What they've done is combined various languages (Nordic/Scandinavian/Germanic, Greek, Arabic and English languages and texts) into something that fits with the aesthetic they've made up for themselves. Their music is meant for spiritual and ritualistic purposes. Ambiance takes the lead role on most of their stuff that I've heard, creating great atmospheres, utilizing the tremolo picking, blast beats and distorted vocals in slow buildups to very powerful arcs. This was the first of 4 full lengths released by the band in 2008. They seem to have a lot of good ideas, and the ability to apply them well to this unique style.


Maps & Atlases - Tree, Swallows, Houses

Chicago, Illinois indie rock quartet Maps and Atlases are not your average indie-rock band. There are no dime a dozen, disco-inspired guitar licks and no sort of pseudo-pretentiousness surrounding any of the seven quirky tracks that make up Maps and Atlases’ debut EP, Tree, Swallows, Houses. Chicago is no stranger to quirky, indie-rock bands with a penchant for complex guitar work (Joan of Arc anyone?), and there are numerous bands from all over America now trying to follow in the mighty footsteps of the legendary Kinsella project. However, many of these upstarts fail to fully coalesce their many ideas into coherent song structures, but Maps and Atlases not only achieve this goal, they do it flawlessly.


The Bled - Pass The Flask (2003)

Borrowing liberally from Converge, and the "Songs to Fan the Flames"-era Refused, and infusing it with an eerie sense of melody, Pass the Flask is a real accomplishment. The band dabbles with severe tempo changes, moving from over the top chaos to ringing guitars and mumbled vocals, all without falling into the dreaded emo-core trap. To put it in perspective, if most emo-core is crying on the phone to your ex-girlfriend, this is screaming alone in your room and planning your revenge.

Drummers of the Societe Absolument Guinin - Voodoo Drums

And now for something completely different...
This release features the Voodoo Drums of Haiti and was recorded by Soul Jazz Records in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.Unlike Hollywood’s version of Voodoo (Zombies, the walking dead and human sacrifices!), Voodoo is the alive and thriving African-derived religion in Haiti and this CD is a contemporary recording of the musical rhythms of Voodoo.Voodoo is at the heart of all African music in the new world. That is to say it is the link between the music of Nigeria and the music of Cuba’s Afro-Cuban music (Salsa and Santeria) and Brasil’s African based musics (Samba and Candomble).The music of Voodoo is based around complex African rhythms. When played at Voodoo ceremonies these drums bring down the spirits of Voodoo into worshippers.

It's surprisingly enjoyable.

Also 300th post! Thanks to everyone who's ever visited, especially the regulars. We love you just as much as the music.

Death In June - Rose Clouds Of Holocaust (1995)

Incredible album by neofolk band Death In June. They are among the most important, if not the most important band credited with the creation of the genre. This opus was the first one I heard and it still sits comfortably in my favourite albums list. A perfect place to start for anyone unfamiliar with DI6 and neofolk in general.


Hail Social - Modern Love & Death Remixes: One (2007)

get it if you like: rex the dog, weird tapes, the whip.

modern love & death remixes are two remix EPs released by hail social in 2007 which include songs from their album modern love & death remixed in highly popular hipster electro fashion (think misshapes, ed banger and the like). hail social is a great band and these are great remixes. volume one is just as good as vol 2, check out the all night remix by dj siyoung.


Hail Social - Modern Love & Death Remixes: Two (2007)

get it if you like: rex the dog, weird tapes, the whip.

modern love & death remixes are two remix EPs released by hail social in 2007 which include songs from their album modern love & death remixed in highly popular hipster electro fashion (think misshapes, ed banger and the like). hail social is a great band and these are great remixes. check out the designer drugs remix for heaven, one of the best electro remixes ever.


Nicholas Megalis - I See The Moon (2008)

-Rather Highly Recommended-
I can not find any information on this release, I just got it from Sordo, and it doesn't appear to be an official album as such, but shit still rox ( edit:no wait turns out it is an album but it was like self released and underground as fuck.) Also image is not album art, just a pic of Nicholas. Anyway the music is like weird funky soully singer songwriter indie which I have listened to 3 times already and that is a lot for me. I just found out he opened for NIN as well, but he's much cooler than Trent Reznor. Just get it and leave me a comment saying the genre please thanks. His voice is really showy and big. 

Hocico - Odio Bajo el Alma (1997)

get it if you like: velvet acid christ, :wumpscut:, unter null.

hocico's debut album from 1997, odio bajo el alma, is one of my favorite albums ever. i've been listening to this since middle school. it includes some of the band's most known tracks like odio en el alma and sexo bajo testosterona. though tracks like face to face and temple of lies are way better, dark industrial-influenced ebm. if you're into dark electro you'll love it, if you're not you should, this album is a good place to start.


Maya Shore - Farewell to Introductions (2004)

Maya Shore play gentle, sensual, emotionalternative rock (I just created that term, go me). The music is very guitar oriented, but also employs a soft use of the drums and smooth bass musics. Recommended for fans of 90s emo.

Also, please leave a comment if you downloaded it. Even if you don't like it. I'm trying to gauge how many unique people visit this blog on a day to day basis.

Similar Artists: American Football, The Appleseed Cast, On the Might of Princes


Your Infamous Harp - Prah Suomafni Ruoy (2008)

some guy asked me to post this album, sorry it took me so long dude.

now you can follow the blog with the new gadget on the sidebar, so do it, it's just a click.

and remember to join the WFLM last.fm group here, for requests, drama, or whatever.


Sidearm - Don't Cry Help Until You're Dead! (2007)

Sidearm were a band from Peterborough, UK. They play an intense kind of art-rock with a focus on experimentation and dynamic rhythm changes. Beautiful melodies will hook you in, and then in the blink of an eye, the tempo, rhythm and dynamics change into passion driven angst-fueled rock.

Had to vectorize an incredibly low-res picture of this album cover to get it to a respectable size. But anyway, download this shit.


Similar Artists: Armchairpolitician, For the Mathematics, This City Sunrise


Exploding Star Orchestra - We Are All From Somewhere Else (2007)

In 2005, cornetist Rob Mazurek was approached by The Chicago Cultural Center and the Jazz Institute to put together a group that would represent the more contemporary / avant-garde side of sound in Chicago for a concert in Millennium Park’s Frank Gehry-designed concert hall. The music was conceptualized/composed in Manaus Brazil, Fontevraud, France and Chicago, and developed over more than a dozen performances of the Orchestra before it was recorded by John McEntire at his Soma Studio in Chicago. The group contains several great musicians, including some members of Tortoise.

This album is grounded in both free jazz and very structured compositions. Some moments jump out with many performers all improvising at once, a mash of the drums, horns, flute, bells all playing together (which would sound like a cacophony were they not so perfectly interwoven as they play off of one another), and while others move seamlessly as a cohesive unit, the songs still shine with individual flourishes from the performers beneath the surface.

Vaguely similar sounds: Davis' On the Corner

Get it here.

Minotaur Shock - Rinse (2003)

A true gift of electronic production, Minotaur Shock seems to hit every right note, and underline it with every right beat. Going from experimental, rearranged IDM to other styles like hip hop influences; the cavernous, atmospheric sound of "Albert Park Music"; the light, jazzy horns on "46 Tops"; and the acoustic guitar on "Motoring Britain," he creates a myriad of innovative sounds.

Very highly recommended.

Vaguely similar artists: Xploding Plastix , Xela , Arovane, ISAN

Be shocked.
Recommended tracks: "Avon Ranger" , "46 Tops"

Juan Pablo Villa - La Gruta de Baba (2007)

get it if you like: mike patton, rebeka del rio, björk.

juan pablo villa is a mexican composer and musician who centers his work on vocal improvisation. with an unusual voice and amazing vocal techniques, juan pablo delivers an album with a very weird vibe, relaxing in a trippy kind of way. highly recommended to people into experimental music.


Misery Index - Traitors (2008)

New album from my arguably favoritest metal band, Misery Index. If you've never listened to Misery Index before, they play an evenly distributed blend of crust punk, death metal, and grind. Their lyrical content usually focuses on the weakness and corruptibility of mankind. Recommended for fans of crust punk and metal.

Similar Artists: Coldworker, Nasum, Rotten Sound, Terrorizer


Hocico - El Dia de La Ira (1998)

get it if you like: funker vogt, velvet acid christ, :wumpscut:.

hocico is a popular industrial/ebm band from mexico, formed in 1993 hocico has found great success in europe in the dark electro/aggrotech scene. this is a collection of early recordings from 1995 through 1998. harsh industrial ebm with a dark atmosphere, perfect as an introduction to the band.


The Human Abstract - Nocturne (2006)


So much has been put into the hardcore metal scene. Some like it, some despise it. But here and there, a band will come into your life that brings something different to the table. Something other than similar structures throughout their track list; a band that doesn't do the “Killswitch thing” (scream verses, sing choruses). A new spin has just been put on these trends. THA blends the intensity of metal, the rawness of hardcore, and the musicianship and writing abilities of a decent progressive band. Moving on from this extensive introduction to The Human Abstract, the music sure is something. Everyone in the band possesses the ability to keep fans of many different genres interested. Major metalheads, hardcore punks, and metal purists of the new death metal age can gather and find something they like. Although it may not be you, there is something for a fan of many kinds relating to this genre.

similar artists: Protest The Hero, Between the Buried and Me, From a Second Story Window


KanibaL HolokausT - Baba Yaga (2008)

Serbian KanibaL HolokausT is brothers, Nicifor Zlatic and Milan Miloshev. Since formation in 2003 the duo had only appeared on various compilations. Their first EP 'Baba Yaga' was released in June 2008. The band makes dark atmospheric psytrance. Various sound effects and samples over 150 - 180bpm bass lines. I downloaded this on a whim around when it was released, and I keep coming back to it. If you are into this style of music at all, don't miss out on KH.


Han Solo - Hyper Reality (2008)

get it if you like: meh, don't get it.

link removed because jose mauricio is a butthurt faggot who should've asked the right person to take down the link, not some random member of the blog before bitchin' online about it. godspeed.

VA - NME C86 Tape

C86 is a cassette compilation released by the British music magazine NME in 1986, featuring new bands licensed from independent labels of the time. As a phrase, C86 quickly evolved into shorthand for a guitar-based musical genre characterised by "jangly" guitars and fey melodies, although other musical styles were represented on the tape. Inspired by the DIY ideals of punk, it evolved into one of the most derided UK music genres in the last thirty years. It became a term of abuse for its associations withtweeness and underachievement, although some now argue that its release represents a pivotal moment for independent music in the UK.

Regarded by some as brilliant and the foundation of indie of the rock and pop kind for years to come, and by others as one of the worst things to happen to music there is no denying this legendary tape made a stir. Because you guys are all hipsters you will like it though. I like it.


Abstract Rude + Tribe Unique - P.A.I.N.T

ABSTRACT RUDE 1st hit the Los Angeles music scene back in ‘93 as a young teenager with an old soul. Longtime member of dance crew TRIBE UNIQUE, Abstract sprung into action under his ‘big homies’ umbrella, displaying his unique vocal talents while the Tribe would visually narrate his abstractions. They blew up talent shows and local showcases around L.A. & Hollywood, and eventually became known as A.T.U.

Similar Artists: Aceyalone, Giant Panda, Swollen Members, Louis Logic


Moleculez - Mekanikal Mayhem (2006)

get it if you like: endymion, meagashira, dark invaders.

Moleculez is a Hamburg based Doomcore and Hardcore producer. He has been constantly releasing records since 2001 on quite a lot big and not so big labels all over Europe. He's also the owner of The Devil's Brood, an uptempo industrial hardcore label, and co-owner of audioVoid Recordings, a Doomcore label. Over the years Moleculez has played live at parties in various european countries as well as in the USA.


downy - Mudai (3rd) (2003)

downy - Mudai (3rd) (2003)

downy is a japanese band often classified under the genres and sub-genres of post-rock, ambient, post-metal, shoegaze, sludge, and doom metal.

downy sounds like no other band I know. Very otherworldly, haunting, beautiful music. This is their third album. One of my favorite albums, and it just gets better the more I listen to it.


Euphone - Euphone (1997)

The debut of the always enjoyable Euphone, this album is an exercise in instrumental goodness within the realm of jazz influences, with some dub sounds and one song surprisingly similar to some moments from The Books (hear: "Weatherbeaten"). Great album from a lovable band that is always recommended.

Get it here.

Caïna - Mourner (2007)

Caïna is Andrew Curtis-Brignell's musical outlet. His second full length, Mourner, was created in the hope that it would connect with the listener on a very personal level. The album is a blend of various sounds including but not limited to: post-rock, raw black metal, ambient, noise, and neofolk. This album marked a change in style for the band, namely releasing itself from the limitations of black metal, and moving towards experimentation and evolution.

Very good. I've been listening to this one for weeks on repeat.


Té - Increasing, If Heart and Senses Agree, All Best Change It Is Sly in Music (2008)

get if you like: god is an astronaut, mono, the death note OST.

i got this from waffles, and the uploader said the titles of the tracks and the album might not be correct as they're literal translations from japanese, and could not mean the same they did in japanese. also i think this is a remastered reissue of their debut album and includes two bonus tracks. ALSO, tracks are tagged as te' not té. but this album rocks. té is great.


Femme Fatality - One's Not Enough (2008)

get it if you like: thunderbirds are now!, ex-models, the chinese stars.

femme fatality is a band formed by brothers alexander and monanani palermo in 2003. one's not enough is their sophomore album and it's full of fast beats and dirty synths, think an electro version of TAN!, ex-models and the chinese stars. a great album for fans of dance-punk and electro.


高木正勝 - Coieda (2004)

Takagi Masakatsu is a visual artist and musician based in Kyoto, Japan whose work knows no aesthetic borders. He has presented video installations and performed live at art spaces around the world. He also produces music videos, as well as music for commercials and film. He has toured with musician and remix artist David Sylvian. In 2006, “Bloomy Girls,” a visual book with his video arts collection, was released. Res magazine named him one of the 2006 RES 10, an annual selection of emerging artists who will influence the worlds of film, video, design, advertising, music, and media art in the upcoming year and beyond.

Smashing album. Bleep bloop and piano and various other instruments synergize to create a beautiful work of music.

Similar Artists: Rei Harakami, Aoki Takamasa, Kazumasa Hashimoto