This Town Needs Guns - Animals (2008)


Taking cues from American post-punk "greats" such as Owls or Cap'n Jazz (or anything the Kinsella boys touch, really) hasn't necessarily been a recipe for mainstream success. Cult followings are all rage now, anyway. This Town Needs Guns, who are indeed a reflection of their entirely erudite stomping grounds in Oxford, England, are a remarkably proficient bunch of technically inclined guitar "wunderkinds," if I may. The band has already released a sizable collection of EPs and singles courtesy of the indie Big Scary Monsters (which, at my behest - please take the time to check out the rest of the label's roster), and will continue the charge into the states with their debut full length "Animals" due to be released via new LA label Sargent House. While those in the states will have to wait while Sargent gets things sorted, those is the UK will find it easy to get their hands on. They're an absolute favorite of mine...certainly you can all share in my exuberance?!

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