The Natural Yogurt Band - Away With Meloncholy(sic) (2008)

Every few years something comes along that is SO good it gets played in their office over and over and over and over again and captivates them completely, and the Natural Yogurt Band is one of those somethings. The demo album they sent was accompanied by no credentials. There was no promo sheet bragging about the famous DJs who are fronting them, no long CV stating who plays what and who used to play with whoever; no info, no blurb and no gumph. In other words they just sent Jazzman a plain CDR, which is nice, because it’s music that counts, right? So what is it about their demo that they find so intriguing? Well, for starters you can hear real people playing real instruments, which always goes down well at Jazzman. Then there are the original ideas, played out as quirky, innocent instrumentals, and their flawless execution lacks pretense and self-consciousness. You also get the feeling that they are having FUN making their music. And it comes naturally, they’re not trying too hard. Finally when you note their taste and musical style - Italian gangster films, leftfield electronics, Morricone, Alessandroni & Nicolai all rolled into one - you realise that they’ve been listening to the right stuff and making their own auditory visualization of what’s good. Oddball, left field, funky; yet unpretentious and effortless!

Yeah it is pretty sweet.

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  1. Lane says:

    great album, poor font color.

  2. Tropolist says:

    How is black a poor color? It's the new every other color, donchaknow.

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