The Human Abstract - Nocturne (2006)


So much has been put into the hardcore metal scene. Some like it, some despise it. But here and there, a band will come into your life that brings something different to the table. Something other than similar structures throughout their track list; a band that doesn't do the “Killswitch thing” (scream verses, sing choruses). A new spin has just been put on these trends. THA blends the intensity of metal, the rawness of hardcore, and the musicianship and writing abilities of a decent progressive band. Moving on from this extensive introduction to The Human Abstract, the music sure is something. Everyone in the band possesses the ability to keep fans of many different genres interested. Major metalheads, hardcore punks, and metal purists of the new death metal age can gather and find something they like. Although it may not be you, there is something for a fan of many kinds relating to this genre.

similar artists: Protest The Hero, Between the Buried and Me, From a Second Story Window


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  1. Christos says:

    woo i've been into this band for a while. mea culpa is such a fucking awesome track. I really hate protest the hero though.

  2. briEn says:

    very nice.

    and fuck Christos. PTH are the shit.

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