Hocico - Odio Bajo el Alma (1997)

get it if you like: velvet acid christ, :wumpscut:, unter null.

hocico's debut album from 1997, odio bajo el alma, is one of my favorite albums ever. i've been listening to this since middle school. it includes some of the band's most known tracks like odio en el alma and sexo bajo testosterona. though tracks like face to face and temple of lies are way better, dark industrial-influenced ebm. if you're into dark electro you'll love it, if you're not you should, this album is a good place to start.


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  1. this is one of the best old band
    in the scene in mexico city.
    i remember the good slamdance
    in every of their concerts in the town
    thanks for the post. your blog rules!!!

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