Maps & Atlases - Tree, Swallows, Houses

Chicago, Illinois indie rock quartet Maps and Atlases are not your average indie-rock band. There are no dime a dozen, disco-inspired guitar licks and no sort of pseudo-pretentiousness surrounding any of the seven quirky tracks that make up Maps and Atlases’ debut EP, Tree, Swallows, Houses. Chicago is no stranger to quirky, indie-rock bands with a penchant for complex guitar work (Joan of Arc anyone?), and there are numerous bands from all over America now trying to follow in the mighty footsteps of the legendary Kinsella project. However, many of these upstarts fail to fully coalesce their many ideas into coherent song structures, but Maps and Atlases not only achieve this goal, they do it flawlessly.


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    new record is wayyyy better. you and me and the mountain.

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