IAMERROR - Trout Yogurt (2008)

subsection- the sterios playing your relaxing in your bed. The lyrics are flowing in one ear and out the other "I’m no landmaster; take to the skies, I’m no landmaster.." siliently you contemplate what they are saying and the meaning, after all thats what good music does it strikes you and makes you think....

IAMERROR- Trout Yogurt is a technotic ( if thats even a real word) blend of hard core scream and well as already stated high speed techno, like in the song Snap Krako Pop. Its something for all those so called "cocky little freaks" to flock together and slam dance to. The rhythm and polor opposite mix of the music gives it that electrofying urge that most music such as My Chemical Romance could never achieve in a life time (someone please tell them to get a real job and quit their whole fake stage personality. We know its just a persona your payed to do but come on gain some dignity) IAMERROR is full of terrifying lyrics mixed with a more upbeat sound. Occasionally in their music their are slight bits where the song slows and the techno along with the hardcore either haven't started or fade to the back almost as if a true human being. Tough exterior soft interior, like in the song Jefferee Star Road where the beginning is a few seconds of slow easing music befor it jumps into the more complex part of the song. Overall the 2008 Trout Yougrt is an electrifying and as I've already said a blend of technotic (my new word) hard core with the slightest softness.

So lay in your bed gather your thoughts and find what strikes you about their music then get off your ass and tell someone about it.

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