Drummers of the Societe Absolument Guinin - Voodoo Drums

And now for something completely different...
This release features the Voodoo Drums of Haiti and was recorded by Soul Jazz Records in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.Unlike Hollywood’s version of Voodoo (Zombies, the walking dead and human sacrifices!), Voodoo is the alive and thriving African-derived religion in Haiti and this CD is a contemporary recording of the musical rhythms of Voodoo.Voodoo is at the heart of all African music in the new world. That is to say it is the link between the music of Nigeria and the music of Cuba’s Afro-Cuban music (Salsa and Santeria) and Brasil’s African based musics (Samba and Candomble).The music of Voodoo is based around complex African rhythms. When played at Voodoo ceremonies these drums bring down the spirits of Voodoo into worshippers.

It's surprisingly enjoyable.

Also 300th post! Thanks to everyone who's ever visited, especially the regulars. We love you just as much as the music.

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  1. Superb post. More voodoo drums (from 1974!) on my blog, friendsound.wordpress.com

    Stefan M—

  2. jc says:

    lol every track sounds exactly the same.

  3. J.W. says:

    Helped me out tremendously through my recent attack of the DREADED LURGI
    (not Voodoo inspired I may add).

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