Njiqahdda - Ints | Nji | Verfatu (2008)

Njiqahdda are a Psychedelic Ambient Black Metal duo that immediately caught my attention with their unusual band name and album/song titles. What they've done is combined various languages (Nordic/Scandinavian/Germanic, Greek, Arabic and English languages and texts) into something that fits with the aesthetic they've made up for themselves. Their music is meant for spiritual and ritualistic purposes. Ambiance takes the lead role on most of their stuff that I've heard, creating great atmospheres, utilizing the tremolo picking, blast beats and distorted vocals in slow buildups to very powerful arcs. This was the first of 4 full lengths released by the band in 2008. They seem to have a lot of good ideas, and the ability to apply them well to this unique style.


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  1. ^0^ says:


    Psychedelic Ambient Black Metal??
    I would think this shit was darkpsy at first but this genre combo really kicks ass (haven't had a listen though).

    Keep it up!

  2. Shit rocks dude. Give it a spin.

    Will do!

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