SOPA Blackout bandwagon

so everyone is finally getting a wind of SOPA (thanks Ford!) and the blackout date is today. We aren't doing that because of several reasons (#1 being this is blogger and a music blog,, with #2 being just how annoying it is trying to access wikipedia). anyway, this post is just to let you guys know the USAs government loves lobby money and that they are trying to setup something similar to the "great firewall of china (clever rite)". so go and tell your senator etc that you dont want anything to do with SOPA and oppose it, want to repudiate it et. al.

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  1. Buffalo says:

    I told my senator to protect my free illegal music.

  2. edlorado says:

  3. edlorado says:

    How the Internet blackout affected congressional support for PIPA/SOPA

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