Arthur Verocai - Arthur Verocai (1971)

there was some chatter in the comments for Will's Stan Getz post regarding Brazilian late 60s tropicalia, so i thought i'd up one of my favorite records from that era. on his self-titled debut, Verocai wrote songs combining folk, pop, psychedelia, soul, and jazz sounds and paired them with lush arrangements (which he did himself, classically trained as he was) and instrumentation that included a 20-piece string section and brass ensemble. the result is a kind of agile orchestral psych-funk with the immediacy and intimacy of folk-jazz teamed with scrumptious backing textures. it's a quick hitter, only 10 tracks and clocking in at about half an hour, but it will probably leave you wanting more. unfortunately, there isn't any... although, some of you hip-hop heads might recognize No Boca Do Sol and Seriado, which were appropriated for MF Doom's Special Herbs series.


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  1. Will says:

    Ah! Loving this!

    There's always more amazing things to hear.

  2. please re-up...thanks for the musik...

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