Quincy Jones & Bill Cosby - The Original Jam Sessions 1969 (2004)

Yeah, you read that right. In 1969, Quincy "I Fucking Produced Thriller" Jones was the musical director for The Cosby Show. This album is him jamming with the tight ensemble he put together to use as background music, and it's awesome. But, I suppose I should elaborate.

I don't know Quincy Jones well--his only albums that I can say I've listened to thoroughly are this one, Thriller (it's pretty underground, you probably haven't heard of it), and his big band stuff. All of them are awesome, but I really don't have a clear picture of who he is a musician through these. But, I'm not even worried about it, 'cause they're all formidable beasts of jazz, funk, funky jazz, jazzy funk, et cetera et cetera et cetera.

This one is just laid back, jazzy, funky soul jamming. Groove heavy and mellow, it's not hard to imagine Bill Cosby sitting in his comfy chair (I can only assume he brings one wherever he goes), puffin' on his cigar and tapping his foot approvingly. When he gets up to join in the jam session, in one of the alt takes for "Hikky-Burr" he's on fire--making goofy Bill Cosby noises perfectly within the jazzy context, takin' the band for a ride.

But yeah, rambling aside: if you like funk, vintage jazz, Bill Cosby, soundtracks, sweaters, or tight rhythm section jamming, this is one for you.

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  1. ill! says:

    if you're looking for some more Quincy, i can recommend Sinatra at The Sands (1966)... Jones arranged and conducted for Frank and Count Basie's orchestra.

  2. Will says:

    wtf quincy jones. take a break and stop being cooler than everyone.
    I will most definitely check those out, ill!.

  3. Siva says:

    I do like some pudding!

  4. Sean says:

    this is pure delight

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