Fnessnej - Stay Fresh, Ey (2008)

Fnessnej is a five piece instrumental group from Germany. That's the easy part to describe. What do they play? Some sort of crowded, chaotic, improbably poppy blend of synth-pop, 8-bit, post-punk, math-rock kinda music. It doesn't work out on paper, but holy shit--this is a fun album.
Constantly dancey, with styles falling away as soon as you recognize them, this is an album you'll immediately put on repeat, if only to figure out what the hell you just listened to. Due to their style being so very everywhere, the album stays fresh throughout. Enjoy.


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  1. Rubén says:

    Hello Will, i wonder if u can post my album in ur blog. Is my first one, i dont know if it have the cuality to been posted here but it would be great if u can listen at least. The music is experimental and weird. I hope u like it. http://www.mediafire.com/?ys35sk9612795tt


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