The Bug Vs. Rootsman + DJ /Rupture - Split [2003]

I always had a hard time understanding the "dub" in dubstep. However, when you go back to the right places, there it is, staring at you in its dubbed out glory. This is a fun little split in that it's neither really dub nor dubstep, but whatever it is, it's fun.

The first half, The Bug vs. Rootsman is heavy, distorted, noisy and furious. If you don't know The Bug already, his tracks on this split are pretty indicative of what he would go on to do. Ferocious overdriven electronic snarls, backed by broken dancehall riddims. The vocals are excellent too ('cause what would a The Bug track be without some guest vox?), propelling the piece.

The second half is DJ /Rupture, one of my favorite DJs. His set is meticulously crafted, as always, with the spoken word samples, beats, and ambience.

The split EP is a great pairing, though not one I necessarily would have thought of. Both /Rupture and The Bug have a sort of apocalyptic feel, in this case The Bug is the apocalypse, and DJ /Rupture is whatever comes afterwards.

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  1. koven66 says:

    yes! any and all Bug is most appreciated.

  2. DHint says:

    Im down with both these artists. Dj/Rupture is more my style. I really liked his album Uproot.

  3. aaa says:

    plz check out

  4. Snofsan says:

    And the winner is Dj Rupture.
    That is for me.

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