Mugison - Mugiboogie (2008)

An oldie but a goodie. Forgot how goodie, till it just came on shuffle.

Slightly eccentric Icelandic man, making raw and heavy blues which recalls the Black Keys' early good stuff. A couple of tracks bite, but for the most part they're all excellent, and the title track is to die for.

Rock outttt

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  1. i would not consider something release in 2008 to be an "oldie" but thank you anyway sounds great

  2. Nonn-E says:

    Mugison is the skítta, so frábært that you posted this!
    2 Birds off of Mugimama is this Monkey Music? came up on my shuffle today and I had myself a Mugi revival. Það skiptir ekkert máli þetta augnablík.

  3. Lana says:

    Ooo, teach me some Icelandic

  4. Ed says:

    Wow, thanks very much for this one

  5. Will says:

    but seriously, teach us icelandic plz.

  6. Nonn-E says:

    Okei we can start with the basics.

    Good day / Hello
    Goðan Daginn / Hállo
    [Go-than Die-yan] [ Hallow]

    What is your name?
    Hvað heitur þú?
    [Kvath haytir thuu]

    My name is ____. And you
    Ég heiti Nonni. En þú?
    [Yeg hayti Non-knee. N- thuu?]

    Við sjáumst!

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