George Benson - The Other Side of Abbey Road (1970)

This was a newly-discovered gem for me. Recorded just three weeks after The Beatles's "Abbey Road" was released, this is a fantastic R&B infused, jazz re-imagining of a few Abbey Road songs.

Jazz guitarist George Benson is joined by some fantastic folks, including legends such as Idris Muhammad on drums, Herbie Hancock on the keyboards, and Freddie Hubbard on trumpet. Benson's vocals are used fabulously--snatches of lyrics here and there, obscured by reverb, pop in as if to remind you of the Beatles' song that inspired their jamming. When you throw in a string section, great arrangements, and a lovely production job by Creed Taylor, and you've got yourself a fantastic listen for a lazy afternoon.

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  1. Mike A says:

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    ps. thanks for the shout out on snuffy

  2. One of my favorites Benson's album. Thanks.

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  4. I've heard some pretty good Beatles covers in my time but these are just another level

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  6. Love me some George Benson! This is great.

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