Detektivbyrån - Wermland (2008)

Detektivbyrån, meaning "The Detective Agency", is a folky, electronica-y group from Sweden. Immediately recognizable due to their spectacular instrumentation (lots of accordian and keyboards, therimin, toy pianos, glockenspials...), their instrumental music evokes nostalgia and wonder.

The album flows well, exploring Swedish folk in several ways. Though the songs are all fairly similar, in terms of structure and form (you better like 6/8!), each one's instrumentation is different enough to keep it interesting. Unfortunately, the group is now defunct, and this was their only full length album.

This is a good album with which to ring in 2012. Listen to it while taking a walk in the snow.

2012! 2012! 2012!

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  1. the carp says:

    haven't listened yet but downloaded based on this line "lots of accordian and keyboards, therimin, toy pianos, glockenspials..."

  2. This is amazing. Very pleasant and playful. Thanks!

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  4. Will says:

    Thank You Sean Baker

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