DJ 2-Tone Jones - Shaolin Jazz [2011]

This one shouldn't take a lot of explanation.

Classic bop recordings + the Wu-Tang Clan?

Yes please.

This is one of those rare mash-ups that works just as well as one would like. What makes it click so well is that it's not just a bunch of one-bar loops with some a cappellas (hyperlink leads to some etymology that I found mildly interesting) slapped on top. Rather, the beats are constructed in such a manner as to compliment the vocals fantastically.

Bonus points for how many of the samples you can recognize.

Extra: Logan Walters designed the series of covers which inspired this album. Check out his page for some other equally-wonderful graphic design.

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  1. ill! says:


    anybody get a chance to hear Wugazi (36 Chambers + Fugazi)? that shit was a pretty awesome mash-up, too

  2. Will says:

    hahaha, I did hear that one.
    I've actually got a running collection of wu-tang mash-ups going on my desktop.
    This one's my fave so far, though "Wudos Band" is pretty good too (Wu-Tang + the Budos Band).

  3. Hi, I made those Wu-Note covers in the Flickr gallery you linked to and yeah, this mix came about because of an interview I had about them. I made an off-handed comment about the 'musical equivalent' of those covers or something, and a few weeks later I get an email asking if I'll make the cover for this. I listened, it was great, and agreed to make the cover for this as well. Great guys and a great project. The covers have been republished with a new final edition at

  4. Will says:

    Cool! I hadn't seen your other work before, but I love your style. I've always been fascinated by the connections between visual mediums and music.

    Did the remixes live up to being the "musical equivalent" of your album covers?

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