BK One - For the Love of Music (2004ish)

i picked this up seemingly ages ago (when ill! was just a little sniffle) at a Rhymesayers show in Boston - i believe it was a tour-only mix from BK One, label dj and beatmaker extraordinaire. a wide range of hip-hop is obviously represented here (from KRS and Kweli to Snoop and Redman and everything in between), but there are several tracks dedicated to an assortment of funk/soul and reggae/rocksteady. oh, and it's structured around samples from High Fidelity (aka the music snob's magnum opus movie) and it closes with William DeVaughn's "Be Thankful For What You Got," which is an absolutely perfect song in my estimation. the concept may sound pretty rote, but the execution is what makes this a mix i come back to over and again without fail.

it's my go-to cooking record, for what it's worth

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  1. Will says:

    Oh fuck yes.
    I've loved all the BK-One I've heard, and this one's new to me.

  2. Beauty! bk-one doesn't even have a copy of this anymore. I just asked him. You're the man now, dog. Mega props. I love this mix. I picked it up the same tour I figure, but mine got scratched beyond recognition. Love the reggae-dancehall bit.


  3. ill! says:

    i'm the man now dog! i wear my socks inside out cuz of the seams nigga

  4. Thanks it seams. .........dun dun dun

  5. Any chance you have a working link for this again? I picked up this album at a rhymesayers show around 2004 and played it forever. I think the disc eventually got scratched and i had to scrap it.

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