Station W.E.F.U.N.K.

So this really isn't the type of thing usually posted here, but fuck it, it's worth posting here. Based out of Montreal, WUFUNK Radio is a weekly radio show featuring live vinyl mixes of vintage funk and hip-hop mixes. Using lots of deep cuts of killer tunes, this is one of the most consistent internet radio stations I've ever ran across.

Best of all? A huuuuge fucking archive of past shows.

Post your fave web radio sites in the comments, plz.

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  1. = not the asshole of the internets, but right next door, also i scream there

  2. Anonymous says:
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  3. Anonymous says:

    Hey everyone! Check out Radio Moka ! An eclectic mix of music!

  4. Snofsan says:

    Be sure to check out the most free radio in the world and Antwerp Belgium.
    radio You can stream this 24/7.

    The show I make is on Saturday night.23:00-00:30 h.It's called Shiny Mush Motel.I hope you will find the time to tune in and enjoy.

    Keep up the good worx.

  5. chris_c says:

    resonancefm out of London is an advert free oasis of experimental / community / whatever with superb podcasts. definitely worth investigating.
    thanks for the steer on wefunk will check these fuckers out.

  6. Hey everyone! check my radio show :,
    thanks for all the good fucking music in your blog
    Tom from France

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