The Olivia Tremor Control - Black Foliage: Animation Music Volume One (1999)

so the olivia tremor control are back, and their newer songs sound as magical as the ones contained withing their first two albums. things are looking good, and i thought i'd share their second album, which many say is a culmination of what sounds they were all chasing - and i'd agree if i didn't think their first album was just as good. this album has all of the classic elements of the band - an adamant aptitude towards experimentalism while maintaining an incredibly high standard of pop songs. all the influences are here; from the dada movement, baroque pop melodies to the beach boys harmonies, the olivia tremor control have managed to orchestrate it all in such a colorful blend that it is impossible to call this anything but a classic. lovely sound, please do listen.

also, will, u coo

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  1. Will says:

    This is fun.

    Side note: Once, I had to kick a girl out of a concert because she wouldn't stop yelling at the Fleet Foxes (who were in the backstage area I was guarding) to give their opinion on the label "baroque pop". She was in tears when they gave her weird looks and stayed backstage.

    So be careful with that label. You might bother the fleet foxes.

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