In The Wee Small Hours - Frank Sinatra (1955)

I love this album.

"In The Wee Small Hours" feels like insomnia, in the sexiest way possible. Pacing with a Winston at 3 o'clock in the morning has never sounded so romantically sad. But of course--this is motherfucking Frank Sinatra, the man with the best voice in recording history. His rich baritone is so full of nuances and subtle inflections that you get lost in them, as he drops straight-up 1950s wisdom on your ungrateful earballs.

And the arrangements! Goddamn! The omnipotent Nelson Riddle hits solidly home with his orchestration that sounds like the night. Ranging from small ensembles to a full orchestra, each song is simultaniously rich and subtle, and accompanies and accents Sinatra's voice. Riddle has done a lot of interesting work, I'd also recommend checking out his soundtrack to Lolita for a very different side.

If you haven't heard this before, you're in for a treat.


oh, and happy new year wflm people.

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  1. Unknown says:

    Forever one of the best albums of all time. Check out Only the Lonely for more sad Frank.

  2. kurt says:

    best voice ever? i take it you mean best male singer cos lots of jazz women beat him hands down. Hell, lots of gospel women whup his butt. I know Miles praised him, but he is still just a little twee for my tastes, thanks, and I will download but, but, i will play it but, but, gimme ella, or nina, or billy, or even tom waits, for a better voice.

  3. Was looking for some Sinatra when you posted this, just wanted to say thanks.

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