Keith Jarrett - Paris Concert (1990)

The master improviser (and occasional master prick) doing what he does best.

Recorded October 17 1988 - hence the first track - and released a few years after. Packed with his trademark vocalizations and interesting improvisations.


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  1. kurt says:

    Koln concert blew me away. i wasn't a believer, fuk, i never believed in piano until i heard Koln, I believed in horn, miles, coltrane, morgan, and a bit, just a little bit in horace silver, but gods, no, no piano gods until i heard jarrett in koln. If this even approaches, then he is still a god.

  2. Can you get La Scala, Bremen and Lausanne, all three I had them but lost them. I love his Keith's solo albums, the music is totally inspiring and in La Scala, the first two parts are so full of emotion that they are undescribable

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