K.Flay - I Stopped Caring In 96 (2011)

I just saw K.Flay open up for some hip-hop shit. The hip-hop shit was good, but K.Flay was fucking great--easily one of the coolest performances I've seen for a while. Getting back from the venue, I looked up her recordings, and what do you know? Also awesome.

I've been so fucking hooked on the three volumes of her mixtape "I Stopped Caring In 96". It's not really the kind of stuff I usually listen to, but it's so fucking good--the beats are dirty and Fresh (with a capital 'F'), and her delivery, somewhere between spoken word and rap, is smooth and full of cool lines.

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  1. Vale says:

    True, this album is really great. thanks!

  2. Rob says:

    Top shelf. Many thanks for sharing. My ears like this.

  3. DARN1T says:

    agreed... this chick can rap!

  4. DHint says:

    This is awesome. The XX and Gil Scott-Heron samples are great. Thanks!

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