Fela Kuti - Roforofo Fight (1972)

I'm glad that in the past couple years, Fela Kuti's been getting the recognition he always deserved. Throughout his storied life (seriously, look up some of these hijinks), he made a fuck-ton of spectacular afro-beat, each release as good as the next.
Fela invented and popularized afro-beat, with it's mix of African-American funk rhythms, Yoruba drumming, psychedelic guitars, cataclysmic horn lines that hit you like a dump truck made of dump trucks, and long long long long song forms. Holding all this joy together is Fela's versatile voice, full of emotions and character.
This release has some of my favorite tracks--the title track, in particular is glorious.

Bonus: this is in a similar vein (with fela's old drummer), and is also fucking sweet. deep cuts from the wflm archives...

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  1. nick says:

    This album is bananas. My fav is still Expensive Shit, but the title cut here is the toughest jam Fela ever cut. Afro-house? Hot stuff. Thanks for this, and for everything else you share with us!

  2. john murn says:

    real good stuff.

    would you guys put up a few of the harder to find king creosote releases? he's made so much stuff and it can be really hard to track down...

    thanks and keeping doin'!

  3. DHint says:

    I heard the British director/artist Steve McQueen (He directed Hunger about the IRA prison hunger strike.) was planning a biopic about Fela. It might've been shelved, but I Don't know, I read about it a year ago. Thanks for spreading the love of this great artist. Fela is the shit!!!

  4. kurt says:

    Fela is a god, thanks for this

  5. BRand Nu says:

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