Fool's Gold - Fool's Gold (2010)

I caught a show by these cool cat's a couple years ago. Playing with two very good bands (Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros, Local Natives), they stuck out as being particuarly wonderful. Maybe it was their burning sage in a cleansing ritual on stage before hand (always a classy move), or possibly the end of the show, with the whole band drumming as they marched through the crowd. Or it could have been the saxophone's elementally pentatonic lines, while the singer's falsetto hebrew. Or maybe it was the acid. Or the Afro-pop guitar solos?

As a side note, I picked up the Red Hot Chili Pepper's newest live show (they just teamed up with, the group that manages live releases for every jam band out there (HEY BANDS! DO THIS TOO!)), and was suprised to see that not only are they touring with Fool's Gold, they bring up the sax player to do a few songs with them. So if you're in Europe (maybe?), check it out.

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  1. kurt says:

    Fuck, sax pentatonic, afro pop guitar, gotta download, thx

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