Ectoplasm Girls - TxN (2011)

from Sweden comes this creepy little gem of a record - let's call it dark ambient. the first few tracks settle you in, but the record really takes off near the mid-point - "If Your Mother Asks" (track 7) begins the best run of songs on the album. present are all the sound elements that are hallmarks of this type of music, but they're employed with restraint and to great effect. the strangulated drum loops seem to want to get a party started but never quite get there. it's anti-dance.

fyi, this is really good subway music

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  1. uncleDiss says:

    Great description, I'm officially intrigued...


  2. Abendrot says:

    Nice thank you so very much for this.
    Love it. And also Vulcano the Bear was great. Hope I can find the Vinyl somewhere when I am back from china.

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