Age of Mythology Soundtrack - Stephan Rippy & Kevin McMullan (2002)

I was actually playing this game earlier today when I remembered how spectacular it's soundtrack was. On listening, it turns out that the soundtrack to Age of Mythology is just as evocative and entertaining outside the context of the real-time strategy masterpiece.

The bafflingly named tracks ("Eat Your Potatoes", "Flavor Cats (In the Comfort Zone)", "Ma'am...Some Other Sunset") alternate being mysterious and ambient, and epic and orchestral, jazzy and electronic. The use of live instruments and electronics makes it sometimes difficult to identify the sound sources, but all are evocative of your Norse axemen mowing through Hydras and Egyptian chariots (or something like that).

But really, this is one of those soundtracks (like those I've been posting lately) that stands on its own, outside of the context of it's grafted video-game. Stylistically, I'd liken it to the soundtrack from the first Halo game--ambiently eerie, alien, and ultimately entertaining. So, even if you haven't played the game, I implore you to give this a listen.

I'm all about the norse. what's your mythology of choice?


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  1. Very cool site, with your permission sir, Id like to rape the shit out of
    So much good stuff, so thanks in advance!

  2. that was awesome track played while the menu apears ,,,, what kind of music is that ... i want to know .. bcz i want to know more music like that

  3. Clara says:

    Thank you, kind sir.

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