The Ventures - Live in Japan '65 (1965)

The Ventures have the odd distinction of outselling the Beatles in Japan - pretty good for an instrumental "surf rock" band. but they're more than surf, arranging everything from pop to jazz to Brahms, and playing it all with sick chops and proto-punk intensity. the guitars are all twangy brilliance, but the rhythm section is in perpetual beast mode - check the hard charging (and my personal fav) version of House of the Rising Sun; and the closer, a furious 10 min romp through Duke Ellington's Caravan that features one of the more kickass drum solos you'll ever hear.

use the iTunes R&B eq preset for extra thump. you can thank me later

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  1. Anonymous says:

    thanks this fucking rips

  2. Ryan says:

    Thanks for posting this, really enjoying it.

  3. mrk_d says:

    this is awesome as fuck, one of my favorite surf albums

  4. koven66 says:

    so raw and fast you almost can't help headbanging

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