Lettuce - Rage! (2007)

thought you had heard all there was from funk? well guess what the fucks up; lettuce has made a more than promising attempt at funk and not only succeeded at it, but they flourished and perhaps even "brought it back". including a cover of curtis mayfield's move on up, that should give you enough insight into what this album includes, because their own songs hold their own against classics such as the one mentioned, and can sound completely timeless, as well as lost in time(trying out my post-modern poetry here). comments are welcome, and comments about the music are welcome too.

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  1. DANTELOP has saved you all.

  2. Thanks to DANTELOP, I have enough new music to last me for the weekend!

  3. Anonymous says:

    This album is amazing! The funk has taken over!!!!!

  4. Alpacas says:

    DANTELOPE ur my hero.

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