Karkwa - Les Chemins de Verre (2010)

This album won the latest Polaris Music Prize, effectively labelling it the best album in Canada this year. The first francophone band to do so, they have a lush sound with edge where it counts. If you dug the Land of Talk post, you'll really feel this. The album's namesake is a killer track to start with.


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  1. Chrixian says:

    Incredible album by an incredible band. Thank you.

  2. I enjoy this for a lot of reasons: it's always nice to see something homegrown, I like hearing things sung in French, and they had me hooked from about halfway through the first song.

    Thanks for posting this, it's really awesome :)

  3. Lukas says:

    This is supremely BEAUTIFUL. I was hooked right away and my father came downstairs to ask me who it was. He has a bachelors in music and has been in many bands and I play many bands on our computer. But this drew his attention. We procured some live videos and got chills. These guys are the real deal

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